Yard Sign Fundraiser:

The Yard Sign Fundraiser provides an effortless way for your school to raise funds with minimal time and energy. There are no paper forms to fill out, nor any need to collect money, as parents can order signs directly through our website.


This fundraiser requires no upfront cost – just sign up and start earning money.

Our signs are made of 4mm coroplast, with laser printing and cutting techniques employed to ensure the highest quality. Each sign measures 24″ in width and 18″ in height.

Upon completion of the fundraiser, a check for 30% of the total sales will be sent to the school. It’s important to note that parents must order through the fundraising site and select the school to benefit.

Stakes are included with each sign.

Contact our office today to get started!

It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1) Provide us with School Information (Name, Colors, Mascot, Address, Contact Person

2) Provide Parents with the website to order. Share in school emails, social media, and communication

3) After sales close, signs and stakes are shipped to the school for distribution. A check for 30% of the total sales is mailed to the school.

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