Reservation Agreement

  1. Payments are required when placing an order.
  2. Delivery is free within the service area, however, certain zip codes incur an additional fee
  3. You will be invoiced for missing or damaged Yard Cards.
  4. For our safety, please make sure someone at the delivery location is aware Calvert Yard Cards will be on property.
  5. If you have a lawn crew coming, please arrange for them to come BEFORE Calvert Yard Cards delivers and displays your order.
  6. Make sure all pets are safely in the home and not cause a disturbance during delivery.
  7. Please close blinds and limit barking dogs to ensure a surprise delivery.
  8. Turn off any sprinkler systems for the evening.
  9. Deliveries usually occur in the evening, as early as 7:00pm and possibly after midnight.
  10. We can not deliver during turbulent weather.  If weather becomes an issue we will contact you to make other delivery arrangements.  Yard Cards can not be displayed when ground is frozen.
  11. We reserve the right to photograph your yard card and use it for marketing or any other purposes.
  12. All yard card setups include an advertising for Calvert yard Cards. This may NOT be removed.
  13. For the safety of everyone, do NOT allow children to play on or around the Yard Cards.  The display will NOT support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting, or playing around the display.
  14. Do NOT remove the Yard Cards.
  15. Do NOT throw away the Yard Cards or place in another area.
  16. Do NOT attach balloons to any part of the display.
  17. A 50% Refund is given for canceled orders and no refund for orders canceled within 3 days of delivery.  No refunds if CYC is denied access to a property.
  18. No Refunds for circumstances that prevent us from setting up the display upon arrival.

I have read and agree to the reservation agreement above.