DIY Happy Birthday!

From: $40.00


DIY is where YOU become the Yard Carder!

Celebrate with a DIY Yard Card starting at $40 for 3  days. All letters are 22″ tall made from laser printed 4mm coroplast

*Need something Quick? Call or Text our office for reservations within 3 Days?

What’s Included:

  •  “Happy Birthday” & Age on 30″ stakes
  • “NAME” on low stakes
  • 4 Birthday graphics all staked
  • 4 stars
  • 2 other items (sports, music, school or personality graphics)


How it works:

  1. Select Rental Period
  2. Select Happy Birthday Color
  3. Select Pickup Date
  4. Tell us about the Birthday person


  1.  Swing by CYC at  1921 Skinners Turn Road, Owings on your designated pick up date
  2. Set up your display
  3. Return the rental signs


The more the better! Favorite foods, occupation, family, animals

We’ll do our best to match color selections, but cannot guarantee availability.

After Hours Dropbox available for pickups/drop-offs during nonbusiness hours