Balloon Column


Need something quick and inexpensive to bring a little BLING to your event? Pick up your balloons and install yourself to save some cash!

9″ Balloons connected together; All Balloons are ONE size.    These are great for framing a door or window.    Balloon Columns under 5′ usually stand on their own indoors.  Tie to banisters or lamps for taller columns or for added stability.

We do NOT use Amazon balloon nor will we use your balloons.


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This is for 9″ Balloons connected together. Select how tall you want the balloon column -requires supports, such as banister, chair, or lamp. Balloon width is roughly 12″ diameter.

Have a spiral look (like the fall balloon and purple/yellow balloons) or alternating colors (like the black & white balloons)

Include Number or 2′ large balloon

If you plan on standing the balloons upright on their own or outside, consider supports. Larger columns or outdoor columns require a support if needed to stand upright.

Pickup Balloons from 1921 Skinners Turn Road, Owings

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Please contact our office if you would like after hours pickup time