Happy Birthday Yard Card

From: $85.00

Surprise your loved one with a surprise Yard Card Rental!

How it works:

  1. Select Color of Happy Birthday
  2. Select Delivery and Removal Date (most people select the Night BEFORE the birthday for delivery and the Day AFTER for removal.  Simply select the day you want us to INSTALL and that’s when we deliver!)
  3. Tell us about the Birthday person
  4. Add to cart


Our crew prepares your display and sets up the signs in the yard and returns after the event to remove signs.

Setup Time is not exact as timing depends on daily service area

Enter graphic suggestions (ex: nurse, pizza, beer, BBQ, travel, mermaids, pets, soccer)

This color is usually the color we use for the Birthday Name.

Upgrade your display by adding 2′ to the height. Make your display HUGE with this upgrade!

Add 20 plastic flamingos to the yard!

Light up your display with solar spotlights

Free Delivery to Calvert. Delivery fee for South County, Charles, and St. Marys


Happy Birthday Yard Card includes:

Full Service includes delivery, setup, and removal.

All letters and number yard cards 22″ tall

Name is usually under the Happy Birthday with graphics.

Age (if desired)

Name (First Name or single Nickname)

Yard Card graphics included:  Presents, cake/cupcake, stars, balloons and several “personality” items such as favorite food, video games, sports, mermaid, animals…


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